NPR chooses our cover design for Rook as the 2nd best of all time

What Are Your Top Five Album Covers?


April 22, 201312:40 PM

This past week we lost one of the greatest album cover art designers of all time. Britain's Storm Thorgerson, who died last Thursday, was just 69 years old. He'd spent more than 40 years designing and orchestrating some of the most iconic album covers of all time. Even if you don't know the name Storm Thorgerson, you know his work. That prism on the cover of Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon? That was his.

The work of designers Richard Selesnick and Nicholas Kahn reminds me quite a bit of Storm Thorgerson's. They've done all the cover art for the band Shearwater and this one is my favorite. The group's name is also a type of seabird, and frontman Jonathan Meiberg is seriously into ornithology, all of which is captured in this magical, mysterious image. It might be my favorite cover of any from the past decade or more.